CovenDev Coven version 0.2

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Posted: October 11, 2018 at 5:10 am

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What is Coven about? Coven is an H(Hentai)-RPG centered around a trainee member of the monster fighting group of young witches known as the ‘Coven’. Her name in this installment is Reya, and she is aged 19. Reya will set off on a journey against a variety of bizarre, and notably perverted, creatures and traps in order to cement herself in the organizations ranks and fulfill the final wish of her mother.

Expect plenty of tentacles, hentai slimes, erotic traps, restraint, and other fun stuff along those lines. As of now, lewd aspects of this game are the focus. While the basic mechanics are currently somewhat rudimentary, they are fashioned off models from superior Japanese titles but refined to be generally more punishing.
Size: 609 megabytes

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